Sculptures and Figurines by Oscar Mortens
Minnesota Private Collection














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Mortens Studio was located in Chicago, Illinois, from 1931 until the 1950s. Oscar Mortens emigrated to the United States from Sweden and became a naturalized citizen after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and the Berlin Academy of Art. His travels took him back to Stockholm and Germany on occasion, along with Illinois and Arizona in the USA.

He won the Gold Medal for sculpture in 1933 for a piece titled 'The Dream of Freedom' from The All Illinois Society of the Fine Arts. A cataloged image of this work is available for viewing by pdf (internet search): 'Catalog: Century of Progress exhibition by artists of Illinois' from​Books2009-06/catalogcenturyof00alli[1].pdf

Gunnar Thelin worked with Oscar Mortens at the Mortens Studio and Ing was Gunnar's wife. We met Ing after Gunnar had passed; she became a close family friend.

This is one of the unique pieces in the collection. The details are exceptional, and the dog is a wonderful addition. This photo is also included on the Figurines link.


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Native boy and dog sculpture