Sculptures and Figurines by Oscar Mortens
Minnesota Private Collection










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Oscar Mortens is known for creating unique sculptures over several decades (1930's - 1950's). The items shown on this site are from a private collection currently held in Minnesota.

This image has Oscar Morten's signature in a guestbook from 1952.

Click on the image to view a close-up of the signature.

The moose sculpture also has small details such as the rabbit (bottom center of scupture); this item is listed under 'Figurines'.

Guest Book Signature

These items are part of a private collection gifted to me and my mother. This website was created in tribute to Oscar Mortens, Ing and Gunnar Thelin, and my mother. These were 'the Chicago days' when art was my mother's passion and a friendship grew with Ing (1980's).

These items were later brought to Minnesota.

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